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Filter media for healthier tanks

The perfect additives for your fish tank

Stop by our store to browse our extensive selection of supplements, buffers, medications, chemicals, and additives. Trust Fish Freaks to carry best brands like API, CaribSea, Kent Marine, Seachem, and Tetra.


"I knew who to call when a pipe froze and our 210-gallon tank needed moving, He was there in the morning to move everything."

- Aaron Bugjo  

Cleansing Chemicals and Media

Aquariums aren't just empty glass boxes. They need care.

If you're looking for a fish or a product you don't see listed - or in our store - just ask. We usually can obtain what you need.

  • AquaClear

  • Marineland

  • CaribSea

  • HBH and Fluval

  • Aqueon

  • Seachem

  • Toms and Lees

  • Coralife and Eshopps

To maintain proper filtration for all the fish in your tank, you need the right media. We stock dozens of choices from top brands.

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