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Effective filters keep tank water clean

Aquarium filters maintain high water quality to keep your precious fish healthy. With Fish Freaks' huge selection, you're sure to find the right filter to fit your setup and budget.

Protein skimmers remove contaminants

The more fish in your tank, the faster its water gets dirty and needs cleaning. Protein skimmers keep aquarium water free from decaying organic matter like waste and uneaten food.


"Best fish store around! Great service and great products. Talk with Mike. He'll get you set up with whatever you're looking for."

- Mike Levell

Automatic Filters and Protein Skimmers

  • Aquaclear power filters

  • Fluval filters

  • Marineland power filters

  • Reef Octopus

  • Aqua excel

Cleaner water for your aquarium means healthier fish.

  • Hydro sponge filters

  • Fluval canisters

  • Aquatop

  • Aqua medic

  • Eshopps


Don't know what filter to buy? Michael Bovinet and his staff have been taking care of your fish for over 30 years.