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Proven brands to help your fish flourish

The right types of food for your fish

"This is one of the best fish stores I've visited. They know their stuff, and they have their tanks set up accordingly to species!"

- Julie Bowen

Healthy Food for All of Your Aquarium Fish

Many fish require different diets. Feed your entire tank.

Don't live near Omaha? We can ship everything we carry - from food to the fish themselves. Call today for the details.

  • New Life Spectrum

  • Dainichi

  • Zoo Med

  • Ocean Nutrition

  • San Francisco Bay

  • Piscine Energetics

  • Omega One

  • HBH and Hikari

Fish Freaks carries several lines of food that appeal to different species. They will help your fish grow and enjoy healthy lives.

  • Wafers

  • Freshwater flakes

  • Growth formula pellets

  • Large fish

  • Cichlasoma

  • Bottom feeders

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