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Decorative lighting and protective lids

Having trouble setting up your new accessories? Contact Fish Freaks for installing, maintaining, or moving your aquarium setup.

Heaters to accommodate any size tank

Tropical fish and cichlids are often sensitive to temperature fluctuations. Fish Freaks carries heaters rated from 50 to 500 watts. Let your fish flourish in comfortable temperatures.


"Guys at the store are helpful and friendly, and will answer any questions. Just browsing is worth the drive to Omaha."

- Melinda Abel

Beneficial Heaters, Lights, and Lids

Enjoy a better look at your warm and safe tropical fish.

Top Lighting Options

LED • T5 • HOT5

Metal halide • Fluorescent

Power compact • HQI

Best Lighting Brands

• Coralife • Hamilton •Perfecto •        Current • Kessil • Aqua Illumination • Radion • Marineland •Others

Glass lids help keep your fish safe and your staging area dry. We also carry lighting options so you can gaze at your tank any time.